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Programs to help support a zero carbon future

All electric home cooking

Paperless Billing

Every sheet of paper mailed takes energy and 3 gallons of water to produce.

Enroll in Paperless Billing and cut down on your paper usage. You’ll get an email when your bill is ready and you can view, pay and track it all online with My Account.

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All electric home cooking


For as low as $3 per month, you can have a portion of your monthly electricity usage met with power generated from renewable sources like wind and sun.

Since 1997, customers like you have chosen energy from clean, renewable sources.

As low as


per month.

HVAC system on side of house

Home Energy Analysis

Find out where you’re using the most energy in your home and learn how to save.

Take a short interactive survey and answer simple questions about your home and energy use habits. We’ll show you where you’re using the most energy, whether it be with electronics, appliances or lighting. We’ll also deliver personalized tips to help you reduce your energy use and show you savings estimates.

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to see where you use the most energy.

SMUD home performance program

Home energy upgrades

Discover ways to make your home more efficient by replacing appliances or combining energy-efficiency upgrades.

clean power


We’re committed to eliminating carbon emissions from our power supply while recognizing flexibility is needed to adapt all while providing safe, reliable and some of the most affordable power in California.

Over the next 7 years we’re planning to:

  • Repurpose 2 power plants with renewable and storage resources.
  • Increase our amount of renewables and battery storage by 3.5 times.
  • Adopt new technologies and innovative projects and programs.
  • Expand partnerships and grants to keep rates low.

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Updated as of 12/31/2022

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Clean PowerCity Champions

Be among the many who support a healthier and cleaner region for all.

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