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Solano 4 Wind Project is officially online!

In May, we celebrated the completion of our Solano 4 Wind Project by hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Rio Vista! This event marks the beginning of operations and reinforces our promise of smart, sustainable energy solutions.

“These turbines are pivotal in our journey toward a completely carbon-free power supply by 2030, but our vision soars even higher,” said CEO & General Manager Paul Lau.

Paul Lau Chief Grid Strategy & Operations Officer speaking at the ribbon cutting event.

“SMUD is dedicated to ensuring every community we serve enjoys improved air quality plus all the benefits of a clean energy future. That’s our promise – a future where sustainability and innovation continue to drive us and the communities we serve forward, while keeping our rates among the lowest in California.”

The Solano 4 Wind Project replaces 23 older turbines with 19 advanced Vestas V150 turbines, increasing the project’s capacity to 85.5 megawatts – enough clean, renewable energy to power 40,000 homes. With this addition, the combined Solano Wind Project will generate 300 megawatts and 830 gigawatt hours per year, a 48% increase in the annual energy generation.

SMUD Board Members, staff, Solano County officials and our project partner Vestas attended the event to commemorate this milestone.

We first started developing the Solano Wind Farm in 1994 in the Montezuma Hills near Rio Visa. Because of the winds that whip in from the coast and squeeze through the Carquinez Straights, spilling into the Delta, our Solano site is considered one of the best in California for wind generation.

SMUD Employees cutting the ribbon

“Our vision ensures that our advancements in clean energy translate into tangible improvements in every aspect of our community’s life,” said Chief Zero Carbon Officer Lora Anguay. “The Solano 4 Wind Project stands as a testament to our progress and promise. Having a diverse energy portfolio will help to ensure reliability and our wind resources play a key role as it is often available when solar is not.”

Learn more about SMUD’s power sources.  

Fun fact: The length of each blade alone is 243 feet, which is nearly as long as a football field. And, the turbines stand a towering 590 feet tall, which is taller than the height of 2 California State Capitol buildings stacked on top of one another.

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