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Solar and battery storage for home

Up to


in battery storage incentives.

Store your generated power for later

Why invest in battery storage for your home?

  • Use your stored energy when electricity rates are higher to keep your electric bill lower.
  • Reduce service disruptions during storms, extreme heat waves and wildfires.

Start your free solar estimate

See if solar is a good investment for you. Use our estimator tool to understand your savings potential both near and long term. Soon you could be producing your own electricity and shrinking your carbon footprint. Sign in to My Account and you’ll be on your way.

Want to finance your solar system?
You have a lot of options to consider, including leasing, using a power purchase program or buying your system outright. Learn about solar financing options.

SMUD home performance program

Ensure your home is energy efficient

Don’t let your solar energy go to waste. 

Discover ways to make your home more efficient by replacing appliances or combining energy-efficiency upgrades.

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Save on EV charging and installation

With an EV, you can save on fuel and maintenance, enjoy a smooth quiet ride, experience charging at home and help provide cleaner air for everyone.

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towards EV charging equipment and installation.

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